London collection and delivery

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Question about your terrarium? 1 month or 1 year, we are always available to help.

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When you buy in small business you support diversity of shops.

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To ensure quality, we acclimate terrariums by waiting two weeks before selling them.


Hand made, unique and amazing terrariums. London collection and delivery to your door.


Birthday, party, event, we come at your place with all necessary.


You have a clear idea of what you want? A specific project? We can make it!

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Terrariums symbolize a lot of things for me. First, it reminds the beauty, the complexity and the fragility of our world. But warmness and generosity too. Creating these miniature worlds is a peaceful moment. I always try to tell a story with it. I love when it looks like real landscape. As a poetry. Natural and pure.

You can collect your terrarium at Fulham or I can personally deliver it to your door in London.